Plunged into obscurity

blue-flowers-nature-walls-wallpapers_for_desktopHaving always been one to have strong opinions about pretty much everything I enjoyed having my own blogspot where I could pen down my thoughts on this and that and sometimes have healthy arguments with random people on what Ive written. In between life happened and what with work, marriage and then motherhood I lost track of the blog … now about 4 odd years later the urge to start writing again took over. So i try logging in to my earlier blog only to find that it does not exist anymore. I do the whole process of lost password , search google ..nothing works. So here I am feeling completely obscure, sad to have lost all my posts, mad at myself for not making a copy , stuck with a random number in the title of my newblogspot & trying to recreate my lil digital space. It strikes me again as to how insignificant we all are in the larger scheme of things, how easy to forget & discard.

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  1. sunsunnyblog says:

    This is frustrating for sure. Can you contact the site?


    1. SBelathur says:

      It is . I did try n look up recovery methods and while I came across a few for deleted individual posts I didnt find any for a blogspot. Will try contacting the site thanks.


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