The Talented Mr. Ripley


While this is an old 1990s movie, we happen to watch it just the other day. And like all the books and movies i watch and read , it lingered on in my mind for a while after watching. It has a great star cast & was a lovely rendition of the book. Human nature is such a mystery really, while it was a chance meeting in a borrowed Princeton jacket that puts Mr.Ripley in Mr. Greenleafs view Рhe unwittingly lies his way through the entire film only to get himself entangled deeper and deeper in a self created web. He doesnt really start out as a bad person Рbut like he himself explains it in the movie, no one really believes in their head that they are bad. What was a big letdown for us though was the end. He almost got way with murdering Dickie & Freddi Рand when he bumps into Meredith on the cruise he just has to kill Peter Smith-Kingsley. Its almost like killing now doesnt bother him as much and is the most obvious solution to all of his problems. Marge knows hes gone with Peter Рso when Peters turns up dead they will investigate all on board Рand Tom Ripley/Dickie cannot really hold on to 2 identities back and forth for life. Hes still being Dickie to Meredith Рwho also now knows Marge. Sometime this whole web is bound to unravel. And Tom who really was not this psychotic killer to begin with now seems to give us insight into what really goes on in the mind of one.


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