Where theres a Will ..


I never miss a story. There’s something to learn from every story one hears. And so when my cook was telling me about this juggle the lady whose house she goes to in the morning does, just so she can have a career and be a mother at the same time, got me thinking if maybe I didn’t try hard enough. Here’s a lady with 2 sons, 3 maids – one to cook , one to clean , one to pick up the kids from the school bus n give them snack in the noon, working 5 days a week, attending classes on Saturday’s to do her MBA and somehow making it all work. And here I am with one 3.5 yr old , still not willing to go back to a full time job. While I am on this never ending search to find a satisfactory work from home role which offers flexible timing to boot, I wonder if maybe I dint try hard enough because on some level the work I yearn to get back to, is actually not as important to me as I perceive it to be. I somehow manage to find the time to do the things that really matter to me – like painting, gardening, yoga, a trip home… lists fairly big come to think of it. If there’s something one really wants to do, somehow one’ll fig out how to work it in their lives. Its more about how badly you really want something and how strong is your will to get it.



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  1. dazzdazy66 says:

    Yeah thats so true


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