Home Made Butter :)

I just wish i had discovered how easy it is to make butter at home much before. Packaged butter just does not have the same taste ! My mum would always make butter at home, but we use clarified butter(ghee) a lot, so all the butter she made wouldn’t stay butter for very long. When I first tried it, like everything else I got a host of advise. And like everything else in my life I learnt that in the end you have to find a way that suits you the best – so here’s my way. We use about a liter of milk per day in our house so I just save cream that forms on top post boiling, in a airtight container, which i refrigerate. I just keep adding to this container till it gets full ( that’s about a weeks worth of cream) & then make butter. So the day I’m making the butter I just keep the cream container out – put about 2 tsps of curd to it, give it a lil shake, and let it sit for 3- 4 hrs. Then in the juicer jar of the mixer, I let it churn for a couple of mins. Thats it – the butter starts to form. I scoop it out- jus splash some water on top & drain out the extra and store in an airtight container(refrigerate of course). I sprinkle some sugar on top to keep it from developing a pungent smell. If i want flavors – before refrigerating I add chilli flakes/garlic/pepper/cinnamon. If I wish to make clarified butter then i just heat this butter in a kadai with some tulsi sprigs(the part which has some seeds in it). Initially I used to add ice-cubes to the mixer because someone said the cream would heat up while the jar was churning. but this just made the churning process longer – so now i keep it simple.


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