Plastic flowers – DIY

These were real easy to make. Tried them with various disposable bottles and found that coke bottles the best. The wide petaled flower is made from the top portion , while the others are from the bottom part. Next time I must remember to take pictures of the steps. For the wide petaled flower I Cut out the top half of the bottle ( used a 1 liter bottle), and cut vertical strips till the mouth of the bottle.. then just shaped the ends of the strips in a curved shape. After which i bent all the strips back to get the flower shape. The other flowers I cut out the bottom part of the bottle n just gave a curved shape to each petal. Once i finished painting I held a needle to the flame to heat it up & punctured 2 holes at the center of the flower so i could add a string to tie the flower to the grill(any surface). Once the flowers were ready I applied a coat of Damar Varnish to act as a sealant. Now the colors dont run even when i water the plants nearby.


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