Pebble / Rock Art – Painting

I discovered Rock painting early this year. And Ive been hooked to it since. Now a visit to the beach guarantees I come back with any pebbles I can find. I figured out ways to make my pebbles stand or rather to display them in an upright position so my works visible. I use silver wire to make the stands, sometimes I glue together small rocks at the back of a large rock to support it  or to keep it really simple I make ridges of sorts on the bottom with a hot glue gun. I start out by drawing a rough sketch on the surface with pencil n then paint over. For the rocks I mostly prefer Acrylic Paints. Only a couple of times I worked with Oil Paints. The results were good but the painting took too long to finish. Some rocks I paint first with a base coat , while others I leave the natural look as is – it adds to the over all appearance of the painting. Once done I coat them with 2 layers of Damar Varnish – that acts as a sealant while giving it a glossy finish. I tried using acrylic Spray sealant – but it gave a matte Finish. Preferred the glossy look.  I have over 50 painted rocks now & i just cant seem to get enough of them. I have joined a few rock painting groups & its very insightful as you get to discuss techniques, paints & tools et all. Sadly if you share your paintings then you’ll soon find copies of them. But thats unavoidable of anything you put out there on the web :). I find Pebble art calms me like a good session of yoga.



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