Doodle Art

IMG_20170628_230317 Inspiration is so easy to come by. I saw this awesome video online where this man doodled an entire room from floor to ceiling covering all the furniture too. Of course he made it look real easy :). It was fun I have to admit. I’ve been seeing people doodle on pretty much everything but this video really inspired me to try it. My mum would do similar doodle work with hand henna (mehendi) , think my doodles are a reflection of those designs. I used Acrylic white paint, green fabric paint tube and a permanent black marker. In the video the man just doodled with a permanent marker on white surfaces. I chose this color scheme to suit the room this dresser was placed in. Sealed the paint in with an acrylic spray on sealant. This was my first experience doodling & painting on furniture. The whole experience was novel, except since the doors would not detach I had to bend my head and neck a certain way while painting some angles and it gave me a neck sprain so had to stop and rest it for a few days before continuing. I did the top drawer first , think i got a feel of it along the way so the doodling is better on the bottom shelf door. The doodle really comes out if theres good spacing and once you start, the design/doodles just flow one after another.



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