Walk in someones shoes to know what its like. This holds true for so many aspects of life. I had heard of vertigo – described in different ways based on how the person experiencing it felt but nothing could have prepared me for how it actually felt. I always associated Vertigo as one of the unfortunate things that comes with old age – but it can hit u any time. I had had a few rough nites as my son was tossing and turning more than usual all nite long and as we co-sleep it was giving me broken sleep, in very small time intervals of 10 , 15 mins.. somehow this leaves me more tired than an entirely sleepless nite. That particular night I had had about an hr or so of sleep … n got up suddenly to switch off the fan, suddenly felt everything spin – since it was still night & it was the first time i experienced it I thought it was a headrush. What followed was 2 days of dizzy spells.. even when i was lying down my head would spin, this would cause nausea. with the help of meds it got better so i would be dizzy only when i got up from a horizontal position. Day 2 I felt better and went for  a walk to the grocery store – while i was ok during, after coming back i felt a tingling sensation long my left arm n left cheek bones along with being a little dizzy. I really thought I was having a stroke – the tingling I later learnt was due to decr levels of Vit B12.  The Vertigo in itself is indescribable – I would just fall back and every thing would just spin, with no balance whatsoever. Its scary – I was afraid to step out alone & or with my little boy. Some tests later I now know that it could have been caused by cold, weakness, a bad ear infection I had a few months back , a Vit D deficiency I didnt know I had , a combination of all of these or something else altogether. I am now phasing out the meds – what really helped me was breathing exercises. Even 15 mins of pranayama would leave me feeling a lot better. My mums been advising me to cultivate a habit of doing daily breathing exercises from ages now. I now see the value of it.


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