Monsoons in Bangalore ..

green-leaves-344-2Monsoon used to be my favorite season of the year. Back on the coast we had only 2 seasons – Summer & monsoon. Otherwise it was just various moderation’s of hot humid weather.  Whilst that may not sound very inviting it has its own charm. I loved growing up on the coast & miss the ocean, the weather, place, people, food & lifestyle a lot. I remember the rains there – heavy downpours, all day long. Here people wait out the rains to get out sometimes. There its life as usual – if you wait for the rain to stop your not going anywhere. Back then visiting Bangalore was such a pleasure, traffic wasn’t as bad, people here as always hospitable, shopping was a joy & the cool weather a refreshing change. One could expect a light drizzle anytime and it just added to the beauty of the city. Everything was a lot greener. After 13 years of living here I now consider myself a Bangalorean as well. Now though the weather seems to have a mind of its own & we only have ourselves to blame. Summers here get rather hot & very dry. Rains too are unpredictable. The past couple of days though have been reminiscent of the Bangalore of yester years. Alternating between cloudy & sunny, a mild drizzle through out. I thankfully stay in a neighborhood that still retains a bit of its greenery. So just looking out the window, watching it drizzle, the smell of wet earth, little droplets on the plants in our small patch of land… just made me want to write about it and capture this little moment forever. There’s a lot to be grateful for here…..


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