Medicine .. No more a profession of service !

stethescope-and-medical-chart-2 Growing up i have always looked up to doctors & the medical profession. My fathers a Pediatrician & my brother was a doctor too. We grew up in an era where the food we ate was not adulterated to the levels it is today, the air we breathed a lot less polluted, all of which meant that we did not fall ill as often as one does now. My father has always lived by the principle that you get into the field of medicine without the intention of making money, its a field of service. Often you have the trust & lives of another being in your hands, which is not a responsibility to be taken lightly. This Ive heard him advocate to my brother while he was learning med. If his patients cant afford his treatment – he treats them for free and gives them the sample medicine he has to save them the cost of having to buy them. But not every one thinks like that. Now its scary to go to a doctor/ hospital. Medicine seems to have become just another business, where there really is no value attached to the pain, worry caused to another. Big hospitals have large marketing teams, who gain the trust of unwitting patients. In my known circles I have come across many who have gone to hospitals for minor issues & come out having done numerous tests with huge bills. We ourselves  have faced such scenarios. The money part aside its the fear they instill in you thats the worst. Our son has been having digestion issues from birth.. and we’ve subjected him to numerous tests – all because of this fear. My father would advise us otherwise often, but hes far away and when you see your child in pain, after a point you will visit a doctor to try & identify a solution. If you opt for a 2nd opinion else where that means again subjecting yourself to meaningless tests. The internet is full of information that scares you more. Its this fear that they seem to thrive on. Having just returned from another round of meaningless analysis I am writing this post with a heavy heart.


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